Heavy reward collects for a slogan of xvqchinese input method

The latest state invention patent ---- "xvqchinese input method ", Hunan Education Audio-Visual Electron publishing house has officially facing the global published. In order to coordinate the marketing with xvqchinese input method , decided to heavy reward collects for a slogan, now the related matters announcement as follows:

1. Solicitation time: May 15th , 2011 to June 30th , 2011.

2. Solicitation content: xvqchinese input method , both in Chinese and English.

3. Solicitation conditions: slogan must be active and healthy, and in compliance with the characteristics and localization of xvqchinese input method.

4. Solicitation crowd: regardless of nationality, race, color, age, gender, religion, everyone can participate.

5. Solicitation means: E-mail, written letters, telephone, fax, SMS are accepted.

6. Awards Settings:

(1) a winning prize, get $160 and a set of xvqchinese input method worth $ 16;

(2) ten entry prizes, get a set of xvqchinese input method worth $16;

Note: if more than two people deliver the same works, the delivery time in the former win.

7. Appraisal way:

①July 1st --July 4th , choose the most valuable 20 slogans

②July 5th , release the results and begin to vote 20 into 3 (July 5th -- July 10th, voting deadline),Before 12:00 on July 11th , publish the list of the top three;

③July 12th -- July 14th , publish the final winner

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