Training notice

Title:The 1st xvqchinese institute online teacher training enrollment in 2011

Application Period:2011.3.1——5.30

Chinese teacher training prospects:

The Ministry of Education recently said at a news conference, the economy's high-speed development and the rising of the international status which caused "Chinese hot" that make more than 400 million shortfall of Chinese teacher, so that the resources of Chinese teachers to be substantial.

According to the Office of Chinese Language Teaching's prediction, the global members of learning Chinese will reach 100 million until 2010. If we estimate as the ratio of teacher and student one to twenty, then the global Chinese teachers needed to 5 million. This projection, the gap of global Chinese teachers are more than 4 million.

After training you can obtain the network teaching certification of Xvqchinese. When the spare time teaching Chinese as a foreign language online, you can easily get 2000-5000 RMB every month.

Recruit:face all kinds of persons that on-the-job or not on-the-job, etc.

Training method:network video teaching one-to-one.

Training activity:Xvqchinese crash Chinese teaching method

Course arrangement:(5 hours, 45 minutes per period).

Solemnly promises:network application, pick-school, send textbooks in a week, patent teaching method, excellent senior teaching teams, great teaching quality, one-to-one network interactive teaching modes all-weather, guaranteeing that every student can enjoy the best teaching services.

Test issuing:You can get the teaching certification of Xvqchinese institute after learning and passing the examinations.

Certificate conditions:1. The first degree is Bachelor Degree. 2. Chinese is the mother tongue or the first language. 3. Understand a foreign language.

Training expenses:$200(including tuition fee and teaching materials fee, training fee, examination fee and all expenses such as cost of certificate).