Enrollment Notice

Title:1st Xvqchinese institute online crash Chinese training enrollment in 2011

Application Period: March 1st, 2011---May 30th, 2011


Using the teaching method and the teaching material of Xvqchinese crash training method by Mr. Ding,through 1-3 months of crash teaching to master communicative functions as project common expressions 300 sentences, words 800 or so, and the simple basic grammar of Chinese, which include GREETINGS AND MAKING AN ACQUAINTANCE and so on. Attention to the cultivation of communication for beginners, through the life of common context unfold that the most common and most basic parts in modern Chinese, make learners can quickly grasp basic conversation, satisfy the preliminary communication demand, and to lay a good foundation for the further study.

Considering the beginners' characteristic of the study, in the foundation stage of grammar, we use the straightaway language, which plus clear examples of concise explanations, to make learners use regular grammar to guide their own language practice, thus plays extrapolate role.

Recruit:The people who interested in Chinese learning, from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, gender, education, occupation, all can sign up. For the no Chinese foundation personage, this training can realize intensive Chinese teaching, from the beginning to learn standard Chinese tones, and to have certain stroke order, for Chinese people, who can help to correct based pronunciation and intonation, and the stroke order.

learning style:Xvqchinese institute accredited teacher interactive teaching online.


1.We use teaching material of Xvqchinese crash training method by Mr. Ding, which suitable for any interest in Chinese beginners, regardless of what Chinese foundation, all can feel easily to learn Chinese and have fun.

2.we use one-to-one of internet video teaching mode that let you can enjoy learning Chinese service in any place any time.

Course arrangement:(48 lessons , Lesson duration :45 minutes)。

Solemnly promises:network application, pick-school, send textbooks in a week, patent teaching method, excellent senior teaching teams, great teaching quality, one-to-one network interactive teaching modes all-weather, guaranteeing that every student can enjoy the best teaching services.

Test issuing:You can get the teaching certification of Xvqchinese institute after learning and passing the examinations.

Training expenses:$1000 (including tuition fee and teaching materials fee, training fee, examination fee and all expenses such as cost of certificate).

Materials:Xvqchinese crash learning packages, including the teaching material of crash learning Chinese as a foreign language--Xvqchinese and auxiliary discs 、Xvqchinese Dictionary、The tone of Xvqchinese Input Method Software、Stroke Order Acoustic Code of Xvqchinese Input Method Software.