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  • With xvqchinese, make friends with 1.3 billion Chinese people

    Ding Shuxiong,the inventor of Xvqchinese teaching and input method, a volunteer for popularizing standard mandarin, also a senior economist. He was born in Hunan in 1968. In 1991, he graduated from NUK (Nankai University) economic management professional, and also was bestowed the degree of MPA by Hunan University. He devotes himself to teaching Chinese as a foreign language in a short time; popularize standard mandarin; Chinese enlightenment; eliminate illteracy and make the Chinese input method standardization. Welcome anyone who have similar interests to create a win-win situation sincerely.

  • Let learning Chinese become a kind of fun

    Xu Jia, training director, born in 1984, who graduated from BNU(Beijing Normal University) education division of professional education economics and management for a master degree. She has learned Educational Principle, Educational Psychology, Curriculum leadership and Development , Organizational Behavior and some related courses. The school rewarded her many times with scholarships for academic excellence. She can communicate with foreigner proficiently with English、Japanese and French, and also minor in economics. The solid theoretical foundation and rich practical teaching experience of TCFL which belongs to her.